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There are many different kinds of hinges. I will deal primarily  with hinges for kitchen cabinets in this section


Self closing  hinges:

    Finish closing the door for you.

    Hold the door closed ( but not in a motor home, travel trailer, or boat ).

    Thicker steel than a non-self closing hinge.

    Many kinds.

Non-self closing  hinges

    Don't help you close the door.

    Require a catch to keep the door closed.

    Made of thinner steel.   

    Many kinds.


Parts of a hinge. There are three basic parts to a hinge .... (1) The pivot point ... ( the pin, or barrel ), then on either side of the pivot point ..... (2) the Frame Wing and (3) the Door wing.  The frame wing mounts to the frame or cabinet side and the door wing mounts to the door.


The frame wing can mount several different ways.

The door wing  can come in different configurations:


( The section above did not address PIN HINGES  directly ..........  though most of it applies ..... the pin hinge uses a rivet or pin as the pivot point ...... does not have a barrel ). 

Pin hinges come in both self-closing and non-self closing. They can come so that they mount to the top and bottom of the door ......... and also can come configured to mount into a saw kerf in the middle of the door. It is important to know the overlay ( the amount that the door overlays the face frame ) and you may need to know the door thickness/face frame thickness as well.             

Butt Hinges are made to mount either to the side of the face frame and to the side of the door ( like the walk thru doors in your home ) ...... or they can be surface mounted on both the door and face frame. In this case you would have a flush mount.

Butterfly hinges are surface mount hinges ( usually for flush doors ) that have a shape to them that might remind you of a butterfly. I assume that there were also some butterfly hinges made for lip doors ........ offset butterfly hinges (probably 3/8" offset).


This section does not cover all hinges ........... but is a good start. There are many specialty hinges that have been produced over the years. I hope that the above has helped you learn enough "hinge language" to impress someone .......... and to communicate your needs.  Most importantly, to help you find what you need !!!!!

Be sure to look at some of the photographs of hinges.  They may help you figure out what I am trying to communicate ........ especially if I was not making myself clear ........




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