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   Amerock always used another manufacturer for the "guts" of their locksets ( the last Manufacturer, National,       they purchased ). The trim looked very much the same mounted over each of the "guts".
  • Schlage. Used for the first "year" of their lock program. A good lock with a five pin tumbler brass cylinder.  Key blank SC-1
  • Arrow. Used for most of the life of the Amerock Lock Program. An excellent lockset using a six pin tumbler brass cylinder. Key Blank AR-4
  • National. Used for a couple of years at the end of the Amerock Lock Program. More nearly a "commodity" lock. Used a five pin tumbler zinc cylinder. The lock "guts" are no longer made. Key blank NA-6

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Patterns or collection names:

 Carriage House Collection Locks

  Please see section on entrance handle set problems / solutions further down the page.

 Charter Collection Locks

   Monterey Collection Locks

 Bonaventure Collection Locks

 Schlage Backsets for deadbolt and keyed knob shown. Interior lock backsets would be "F" series ...... written on the "barrel" of the latch.

Arrow Backsets for exterior locks. Left to right, Top to bottom: 2 & 3/4" Multiple security backset; 2 & 3/8" Multiple security backset.

2 & 3/4" keyed knob backset; 2 & 3/8" keyed knob backset. 2 & 3/4" drive-in keyed knob backset; 2 & 3/4" deadbolt backset; 2 & 3/8" deadbolt backset.

Keyed knob backset extension; keyed knob backset extension shown installed on      2 & 3/8" keyed knob backset.

Arrow Backsets for interior locksets, both passage and privacy. Left to right: 5" drive-in backset; 2 & 3/4" backset; 2 & 3/4" drive-in backset; 2 & 3/8" backset; 2 & 3/8" drive-in backset.

National Backsets Top to bottom, left group: 2 & 3/8" deadbolt ( some made adjustable to 2 & 3/4" );  drive in latch for interior locksets with extender to 2 & 3/4" beside it ( can also use extender on backsets for keyed knobs );  drive-in backset for keyed knobs .... 2 3/8" shown;  backset for 2 & 3/8 keyed knob.  Right group ..... top: Passage Latch for entrance handle set, 2 & 3/4";  bottom: Passage Latch for 2 & 3/8" entrance handle set.

Lock "guts": Left: Arrow "guts" Multiple Security Lockset. Right top: Arrow "guts" keyed knob;  bottom; National "guts" keyed knob. 


Carriage House Entrance Handle Problems:

Entrance Handle Sets ( Arrow guts )  with a lever interior ( 9073-Finish ). Lever breakage is the most common problem. If you have a passage lever set on a closet, using the interior half of that set as a replacement should solve the problem. Then to solve the missing lever problem call me to see if I have a knob available for use inside your closet ( keep the lever on the outside ). Next fix is to go to a carriage house knob for the inside of the door. The knob has a smaller back plate. You can use the old back plate as a trim piece by cutting a hole in it to fit over the new knob. I do remanufacture some plates from time to time for customers. Also ....... I recommend changing the backset at the same time that you replace a knob or a lever. It is good to start again with new parts.

The lever or knob is having trouble functioning the latch. Shown in this picture is the same mechanism used in many of the Carriage House Entrance Handle sets. This is the latest version of the Arrow "guts" locks.

The small piece of metal underneath the screw head ( in this case ) must hold what I call the spindle on the post.  Call the piece of metal under the screw head a spindle retainer.. The spindle rides on the post and has two ears. One of the ears engages the spindle when the thumb piece is depressed and thus makes the latch function. One ear works for a left hand door, and the other for a right hand door. You will get wear only on one side .... the working side. If an ear wears out or fails then a machine shop should be able to fashion a new one for you to match the unused ear.

Spindle Assembly

On earlier models in place of the spindle retainer being held on by a screw it was held on by a rivet. Sometimes this rivet would work loose and the spindle ear would no longer engage to make the latch function from the outside ..... with the thumb piece.  The interior knob or lever would still function the latch with its driver.  This is corrected by either driving the rivet back into the post ..... or drill out the rivet hole and tap for a screw .... you may have to grind the screw head down a bit to make it fit inside the spindle. I usually do the screw thing ....... be careful to drill enough .... but not thru the surface on the other side ...... and not to bottom out with the tap and break it off in the hole.

Deadbolt problems: Normally the bolt will break in the "flipper mechanism" near the very back on the top side. The solution is to purchase a new bolt ..... the lock should be good with a new part.

The second problem .... not nearly as common is a broken "driver" ...... the part that sticks out the back of the cylinder and engages in a slot in the bolt or backset. turning the key rotates the driver which in turn throws or retracts the bolt. Can't happen without the driver. Replacements are available for most locks.

Amerock Deadbolt Double Cylinder. ARROW

Amerock Entrance Handle Set ARROW GUTS

Carriage House Keyed Knob ARROW GUTS









Carriage House Passage Lever ARROW GUTS









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