Bargain Bin Sale

All items sold on first come first served basis.  All will have S&H added to order. Shipment by USPS using flat rate boxes when possible for lower shipment cost.  USPS shipments made only in the USA. Enjoy…

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Manufacturer Item No. Description No. Available Price
Amerock 7149-BB hinges Same as 7139 hinge except these have two elongated screw holes for the door instead of three round holes.  Sold without screws ~1000 .45 per pair
2253-3 Large spring base flexible door stops 50 .40 each
2266-W Heavy weight handrail brackets 25 .75 each
3486-3 Handrail brackets 25 .40 each
3486-BB Handrail brackets 25 .40 each
BP 5315 Solid brass handrail bracket made in Taiwan 30 2.50 each
2256-W Hinge pin door stop 50 .60 each
744-BB Charter 3” centers back plates 100 .75 each
Allison 1908-G10 3” centers pull 75 .50 each
Brainerd B46305J-AB-C Decorative clothes hooks , just over 5” tall 5 1.00 each

NOTE: Brainerd decorative clothes hook not shown.  Please contact me for questions.